A Childhood Memory



I have always been fascinated by clothes, and fashion has been in my blood. Everyone in my family loves to dress up and we are a family of shopaholics. However, even as a kid, I always knew I wanted to be part of this world; not because of the glamour or the fame that comes with it but because I was always obsessed with clothes.

As a kid, my father would usually bring irresistibly cute outfits for me and my sister and I’d be the first one to get the door, go through his office bag looking for all that he bought for us and get the better dresses, for which my sister used to hate me BTW. This only happened the times when our parents weren’t buying matching outfits for us. Yes! My elder sister and I have worn matching OOTDs as kids; not just a matching skirt or a matching top but an entire outfit that matches.

Anyway, my childhood was filled with such vintage outfits, the high waist denim shorts, denim on denim look with canvas shoes, backless dresses, polka dot skirts, sleeveless tops, flared jeans and the most stylish vintage hats I wish I had NOW! The best moments were when my family and I would go to a grand event such as a wedding and I’d always be excited to go shopping or to dress up. While kids would have really tiny clothes that were made mostly for comfort while making them look all dolled-up, the clothes in the women’s section grabbed my attention more than anything in the world.

While growing up, I would always wait to just reach that age when I could fit into all those gorgeous clothes that I always saw my cousin sisters wear on weddings, reception and birthdays. I used to try my mom’s clothes that were way way bigger than my size and fell on the ground in a way that I’d fall every time I’d take a step forward. I would try her heels, make-up and even though I had a pixie haircut, I’d manage to do something or the other with my short hair, all behind her back.

Of all the apparels, it was the Indian/ethnic wear that grabbed my attention the most. It wasn’t just the fact that those expensive lehengas, heavy suits and beautiful net dupattas were kept as a treasure by the ladies to be worn only and only on special occasions  and was otherwise not to be touched at all, but also the time it took to just observe the art on them, let alone make it. The golden or silver embellishment, the carefully detailed embroidery, the see through net fabric of the dupatta that made your lehenga shine and added just the perfect colour tones to the outfit, the different border designs, the specific jewellery that would go specific outfits, the different blouse back designs, the heavy vintage sling bags or clutches and then, the heels that looked extremely uncomfortable to walk in but all the ladies would rather bear the discomfort than not look their fabulous self.

My inspiration for this post came from this very beautiful childhood memory of always wanting to grow up and be surrounded by heavy and gorgeous ethnic wear outfits and have  a wardrobe that everyone would die to have a look at. The lehenga in this shoot adds just the right amount of western touch to this otherwise ethnic lehenga. The pink net dupatta goes perfectly with the golden colour tone of the outfit and adds the right kind of “blush” to it just like I used to imagine myself wearing as a kid. Shooting for the blog post did make my childhood dream come true.

I have paired this outfit, designed by —- up with minimal dual tone sunflower shaped jhumka and added a bindi for the perfect Indian touch, with a simple make-up and bit of blush on my face.

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Photography by Pranjalasha



I hope you liked this outfit and my inspiration behind it. For any Behind the shoot scenes, marketing tips, skin care tips and more, follow me on Instagram @PrettyLittleVirtuoso.

Have a good day!

With love,

Simran Bharti

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