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You open your almirah and look into your wardrobe, full of colourful tops, cute dresses and denim jeans. Then, you suddenly realize that you have nothing to wear. Or maybe, you do. That red top you bought last month. But wait! You have nothing to pair it up with. Would it go with your black jeggings? But, would that make you look fat? Okay! Blue skirt? No? No.

Months go by and the red top never gets a chance to be on someone’s body. It just hangs in your wardrobe.

Do you too face such kind of issues on a daily basis? ¬†You have many clothes but still feel that you have nothing to wear. If you do, then you are confused about whether it would suit you or not? OR the kind of makeup you will need for that? The hairstyle? The shoes? Who will help you? We don’t have a personal fashion expert for advice or your own stylist, right? For girls like us (who are high on fashion), every day is a struggle and the world is our runway where we want to look our best.

Simply Gorgeous is a blog that helps those confused fashionistas who need someone to bring a solution to their problems. Here, I share fashion tips, beauty tips, tutorials, styling different outfits and everything else related to fashion & beauty.

I also believe makeup is an art rather than applying pancakes over the face. Therefore, I also help you by giving some beauty tips and bring you the reviews of best beauty and skin care products that are both affordable and good for your skin.

My aim is to spread the love for fashion and the knowledge that I have about it, as much as I can. I style outfits that are affordable and can be recreated easily. For easy-on-the-pocket fashion, follow my blog.


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Simply Gorgeous Store provides reasonable yet high on-trend fashion accessories and more for all the lovely people who are looking to buy some value-for-money products.


Visit often and leave comments, all you gorgeous ladies!

I would love to hear from you all.

With love,

Simran Bharti